Streamlined Ticket Management

Our app simplifies fleet ticket management by offering real-time tracking, creation of new tickets, and direct access to vehicle-specific issues. With a dedicated Resolve button, resolving these tickets is just a single tap away.

Lattis operator app

Interactive Fleet Map

Our app's interactive map offers a bird's-eye view of your fleet, marking vehicles' locations and statuses. With a simple tap, access detailed vehicle information or use the Locate button to center the map instantly on a selected vehicle.

Comprehensive Vehicle Management

The Lattis Operator App is a comprehensive tool for managing your vehicles, enabling updates to details like name, battery level, and status. Intelligent filtering capabilities streamline the process, making fleet management easier than ever.

Detailed Equipment Information

Understanding the importance of staying updated about your fleet's equipment, our app's Equipment tab provides vital information, from battery level to connection status. This readily available data aids in maintaining optimal fleet performance and minimizing downtime.

Embrace the Future of Fleet Management with Lattis Operator

The Lattis Operator App is your perfect partner for smooth, effective micromobility operations. Download it today from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and experience the future of fleet management.

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