Efficient fleet management is crucial for keeping costs down and productivity high. Lattis provides real-time tracking and predictive maintenance capabilities, helping you to manage your fleet effectively and reduce downtime.

  • Real-time Tracking

  • Predictive Maintenance

  • Vehicle Rebalancing


The safety of your drivers and vehicles is a top priority. Lattis offers features like geofencing and speed monitoring to help ensure safe operation of your fleet.

  • Geofencing

  • Speed Controlling

  • End-of-Ride Photo


As environmental concerns become increasingly important, Lattis can help you contribute to a more sustainable future. Our platform supports micromobility solutions like bikeshares and scootershares, promoting greener, more eco-friendly transportation options.

  • Support for

  • Optimized Vehicle

  • Efficient Utilization


Staying compliant with regulations is crucial for any fleet. Lattis helps you maintain compliance with features like automated reporting and record-keeping.

  • Reporting

  • Record-Keeping

  • User Management
    and Permissions


Protecting your vehicles from theft and misuse is essential. Lattis offers advanced security features, including end-of-ride photo verification, to help keep your fleet secure.

  • Fleet Hierarchies

  • Operations App

  • Tickets / Tasks

Customer Experience

Providing a positive customer experience is key to attracting and retaining users. Lattis enhances customer experience with features like dynamic pricing, easy payment processing, and user-friendly interfaces.

  • Pricing Options

  • Easy Payment

  • User-friendly

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