Tailored Insights for Fleet Improvements

Our customized reports offer more than just data; they provide invaluable insights to enhance your fleet's performance. These tailored reports empower you to make data-driven decisions that optimize your operations and drive continuous improvement. Uncover trends in vehicle usage, maintenance schedules, and revenue, and use this knowledge to refine your fleet management strategies. With Lattis, you'll transform raw data into actionable insights, helping you unlock the full potential of your fleet.

FMS dashboard

Real-time Tracking and Management

Complete Visibility and Control

Lattis provides a real-time map view of your entire fleet, allowing you to manage vehicle locations, monitor battery levels, and optimize fleet operations. With customizable geofencing, you can also control where your vehicles can operate, ensuring efficient utilization and improved safety. IoT integrations further enhance tracking capabilities, enabling remote diagnostics and control for a more proactive approach to fleet management.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Gain insights into your fleet's performance with customizable reports, charts, and graphs. Analyze trends in vehicle usage, maintenance schedules, and revenue to optimize your operations and identify areas for improvement. Compare data over time to assess the impact of changes in fleet management strategies and make informed decisions for future growth. With Lattis, you'll have the tools to transform raw data into actionable insights.

User Management and Permissions

Streamlined Team Collaboration

Efficiently manage user access and roles within the Lattis platform, ensuring that each team member has the appropriate permissions based on their responsibilities. Assign roles such as administrator, manager, or technician to provide access to specific platform features and maintain platform security. Customize user notifications to keep your team informed of relevant alerts, such as low battery warnings, maintenance reminders, or geofence breaches.

Payment System Integration

Seamless Billing and Revenue Management

Seamlessly integrate with popular payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, and Square, providing a frictionless payment experience for your customers. Manage transactions, refunds, and configure payment options to suit your business needs, including pay-per-ride, subscription plans, or custom pricing models. With Lattis, you can streamline your billing process and enhance your revenue management.

Customer Support and Resources

Expert Assistance When You Need It

Access a wealth of information through the Lattis Help Center, including articles, guides, and video tutorials covering various aspects of the platform. In-app help provides context-specific assistance and explanations to help you navigate the platform with ease. When you need additional support or encounter issues, submit a support ticket through the Lattis Help Center or the "Support" tab within the platform, ensuring prompt and effective assistance.

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