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Shaping the Future of Fleet Management

Lattis is revolutionizing fleet management across industries like micromobility, car rental, delivery, and public transit. Our tech-driven platform emphasizes user experience, inclusivity, privacy, and ethics, providing strategic partnership for operational optimization, service reliability, and growth.

Streamline Mobility: Lattis Dashboard

The Lattis Dashboard is your all-in-one solution for streamlined fleet management. Equipped with capabilities for geofencing and parking control, seamless payment processing and user administration, as well as in-depth reporting and analytics, the Lattis Dashboard empowers you to manage urban mobility services with ease and enhance operational efficiency.

Lattis dashboard and rider app
Lattis rider app

Ride Smart: Lattis Rider App

Cruise through the city with the Lattis Rider App, your go-to companion for seamless urban mobility. The app offers a user-friendly interface for effortlessly locating, reserving, and unlocking shared vehicles in your vicinity. With features for real-time navigation, secure payment processing, and ride history tracking, the Lattis Rider App enhances your travel experience, giving you the freedom to explore and commute with confidence and convenience.

Master Fleet Operations with Lattis Operator

Take control of your fleet operations with the Lattis Operator App, a powerful tool designed for mobility service providers. The app enables you to monitor vehicle statuses, manage maintenance tasks, and respond to service tickets with ease. Equipped with real-time tracking, asset management capabilities, and insightful analytics, the Lattis Operator App streamlines your operations, ensuring your fleet is always ready to serve the community efficiently and reliably."

Lattis operator app

A Robust Set of Features

Realtime fleet tracking

Monitor fleet status/location, optimize distribution, respond to issues swiftly.

Geofencing and Parking

Ensures compliance, improves user experience by guiding riders to designated parking.

Payment processing

Enable seamless payments, user management, transaction handling, profile management, subscription plans, and rider promotions.

Report and analytics

In-depth reporting/analytics for insights on fleet utilization, rider behavior, revenue, and more—informing decisions, enhancing services

Maintenance Scheduling

Platform enables maintenance scheduling, ticket creation, service request management—ensuring well-maintained vehicles and reduced downtime.


Versatile integrations with locks, docking stations, lockers, IoTs, vehicles—unify and enhance fleet management, optimize user convenience.

What our client say

We're proud to be working with the leaders across urban mobility, and thankful for their passion for a more sustainable and efficient transportation future.

"Lattis has been a game-changer for our micromobility service. The real-time tracking and fleet management features have allowed us to scale rapidly and efficiently."

Alex M., Fleet Manager

"Lattis simplifies defining geofenced areas and parking zones, ensuring compliance and enhancing rider experience."

Peter L. Urban Mobility Specialist

"Lattis empowered us to launch and manage our shared mobility service. The support team is always ready to assist."

Emily H., Mobility Entrepreneur

"As a city planner, I appreciate the insights Lattis provides into rider behavior and fleet utilization. It's helped us make data-driven decisions for our urban transportation initiatives."

Steven L., City Planner

"The Lattis platform is incredibly user-friendly. The seamless payment processing and geofencing features have made our bike-sharing service a hit with riders!"

Viktoria T. Bike Share Operator

"Lattis has revolutionized our car-sharing business. The platform's flexibility and integrations with our vehicles have streamlined operations and improved customer satisfaction.

Maria S., Car Share Operator

"Lattis provides top-notch reporting and analytics. We optimize our fleet for maximum revenue using key performance indicators."

Brian F., Ops Manager

"The maintenance scheduling and ticket management features on Lattis have been invaluable. We can proactively address issues and minimize downtime for our scooter fleet."

Harry R., Fleet Operator

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