Transforming Fleet Operations with Lattis: A Case Study on Hooba

September 13, 2023


Navigating the complex landscape of fleet management is a daunting task for many operators. Hooba, a burgeoning mobility service, was grappling with suboptimal fleet utilization and operational inefficiencies. Partnering with Lattis marked a turning point in their journey towards operational excellence.

The Challenge

Low fleet utilization rates and significant idle times were the primary concerns. The fleet's utilization rate was approximately 0.72%, leading to idle times of around 99.28%.

The Lattis Solution: A Multifaceted Analytical Approach

  1. Utilization Analysis: Lattis empowered Hooba with actionable insights into fleet efficiency, focusing on reducing idle time.
  2. Geospatial Analysis: We identified 'hotspots' for vehicle placement based on geographic demand, ensuring that vehicles are placed where users need them most.

Implementation and Results

  1. Targeted Promotions: Hooba implemented targeted promotions during low-utilization hours and saw a 12-18% increase in fleet utilization.
  2. Optimized Vehicle Placement: Utilizing our geospatial analysis, Hooba redistributed idle vehicles to high-demand areas, realizing a 5-10% increase in vehicle usage.


By applying Lattis's analytical solutions, Hooba saw a marked improvement in fleet utilization, rising from 0.72% to an estimated 15%. This not only maximizes asset usage but directly contributes to an improved bottom line through increased revenue and reduced operational costs.