Embracing the Subscription Economy in Mobility Services

May 9, 2023

The subscription economy has taken the business world by storm. From streaming services to meal kits, consumers are increasingly valuing the convenience and flexibility offered by subscription models. The mobility services industry is no exception.

The Rise of the Subscription Economy

In the mobility space, subscriptions can take various forms. For some, it's a monthly fee for unlimited access to a bikeshare or scootershare. For others, it's a subscription to a carshare service that ensures they always have access to a vehicle when they need one.

Benefits for Consumers

The benefits of this model for consumers are clear. Subscriptions provide predictable pricing and the flexibility to use services when needed without worrying about individual trip costs. They offer a sense of ownership and access without the burdens of actual ownership like maintenance, insurance, and depreciation.

Benefits for Operators

Operators, too, can reap significant benefits from subscription models. Predictable recurring revenue can help with financial planning and stability. It also encourages customer loyalty and regular usage, as customers will want to maximize the value they get from their subscription.

Subscription Economy with Lattis

At Lattis, we enable mobility service operators to easily implement subscription models through our flexible platform. From setting up the pricing model to tracking usage and managing subscriber relationships, our platform provides the tools needed to operate a successful subscription service.

The subscription economy is reshaping many industries, and mobility services are ripe for this transformation. By embracing this change, operators can deliver more value to their customers and create a more predictable and sustainable business model.

Curious about how a subscription model could benefit your mobility service? Reach out to Lattis today to discuss how our platform can facilitate this transformation.