Elevating Campus Micromobility: A Lattis Case Study on Connell Mobility

September 13, 2023


The future of transportation lies in smart, sustainable, and efficient systems. Connell Mobility faced challenges related to low fleet utilization and inefficient distribution. By partnering with Lattis, they transformed their service operations.

The Challenge

Despite having a fleet size of 70 bikes, Connell Mobility had a low fleet utilization rate of just 5.62%.

The Lattis Solution: Deep-Dive Analytics

·      User Behavior Analysis: Lattis provided granular insights into the behavior of the most and least frequent renters.

·      Trip Characteristics: Analysis of active days and hours helped Connell Mobility understand when to supply more bikes and when to hold back.

·      Spatial Analysis: Heatmaps and under/over-supplied area data allowed Connell Mobility to reallocate bikes where they were needed most.

Implementation and Results

·      Spatial Optimization: Bikes were placed at high-traffic areas during peak times.

·      Scheduled Services: Known high-traffic times and routes were identified for scheduled services.

·      Real-time Updates: The Lattis app provided users with real-time availability and location information.


Through Lattis's analytical framework, Connell Mobility increased its fleet utilization from 5.62% to an estimated 18%. This increased efficiency not only boosts customer satisfaction but also directly impacts the bottom line through greater revenue and reduced operational expenses.