Elegant, strong & smart. By design.

Elegant, Strong and Smart

When we designed Ellipse (formerly Skylock), we started with a blank slate. That gave us the freedom to imagine something radical, something entirely different. A smart bike lock is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. A lock designed for the future, but ready to use today.


Precisely Engineered.
Down to the Nanoamp.

Ellipse is the result of an obsessive focus on detail. Ellipse designers and engineers worked closely together to craft every single piece that went into making it. Everything was considered, and nothing overlooked.

Designed to Live Forever

Ellipse was designed to live forever. The thin-film solar cell constantly trickle charge the battery and provides enough power to keep the system functioning for years of use. The solar cells are made to our standards by depositing several thin layers of photovoltaic material and encapsulating that in a flexible water resistant material. The panel is then covered by an impact resistant, UV filtering, polycarbonate plastic. This ensures that the lens will not degrade in sunlight and reduce the efficiency of the solar cells.

Onboard Power Management System

Ellipse has a novel power management system onboard. With both micro-usb and a thin-film solar panel onboard, Ellipse is able to duplex power between both sub-systems ensuring that the battery is never charged concurrently. The smart battery also ensures that it is never charged below freezing, has over-current & over-voltage protection, and a resettable fuse that prevents malicious attacks.

Strength and Beauty.

Dual Locking, Forged Steel

The Ellipse shackle has two locking points, which is a departure from many locks on the market, and makes it twice as difficult to breach. The shackle is also designed out of 4100 series chromoly steel, which is an alloy with excellent strength to weight ratio and considerably stronger and harder than standard 1000 series steel. To enhance the strength, the shackle undergoes a unique two-step forging process.

In production forging, a thick rod of steel is heated to 2200°F (1200°C), pre-bent to the general shape of the shackle, and then placed between two extraordinarily hard steel dies that have the bottom and top halves formed into open faced molds. The hammer slams the dies closed with forces measured in the tens of thousands of tonnes. Under such pressure, the metal reaches a state called “plastic deformation”, bends, compresses, and flows into the shaped cavities of the die.

A second lower temperature forging process called "warm forging" is used to improve the dimensional precision and surface finish. This coupled with precision machining and a matte nickel/zinc coating creates a part of exceptional strength and a beauty.

Original Image
Modified Image
Elegant, Strong and Smart

Download the Ellipse mount and 3d print it at home.
Customize it to fit your needs.

Technical Specifications


  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • LED indicators
  • Capacitive touch interface
  • Active motor control
  • Shackle insertion detection
  • Weather resistant
  • Shockproof and ruggedized
  • Impact resistant rubber shell
  • External Dimensions: 5.7” W x 7.8” H
  • Internal Dimensions: 4.5” W x 5.4” H
  • Weight: 2.48 lbs


  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • External antenna

Power & Battery

  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Flexible Solar Panel
  • USB charging

Software Compatibility

  • Apple iOS 9.0 or greater
  • Android 4.4 or greater
Elegant, Strong and Smart