Skylock Pre-order Delivery Update

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In our last update, we were finishing up the final design for Skylock as part of the Design Validation Test (DVT). Since our last update, we have been working hard on validating the production process, namely Production Validation Testing (PVT). This process involved timing workers at each station and running the production line at full scale for a short period. We are happy to announce that we have now successfully completed the PVT and confirmed that the our manufacturing process can produce a consistent result in an efficient way.

Skylock PVT Final Assembly

Looking at the latest manufacturing schedule, Mass Production will kick off by mid-August. Beta users will receive their Skylocks first, followed by the initial shipment of units a few weeks later. Delivery to pre-order customers will occur between September and October. Our first batch of 2,300 mass production units will be delivered in mid-September, with the remaining units being delivered in October.

With Skylock mass production approaching, we will be ending our pre-order offer very soon! Pre-orders that are placed today are estimated to ship in October. We’ll continue to send regular updates as we enter the mass production process. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at